Plastex is a fourth-generation family company operating in Finland since 1936. They have a factory and warehouse in Lohja, which enables European production and fast delivery to customers. Plastex is renowned for its responsible and safe operations, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking high-quality, durable plastic products.

Plastex is committed to sustainable development and responsible business practices at all levels. They exclusively use sustainable materials and production processes, which reduce environmental impact and ensure their products' high quality and safety.

Plastex’s product range includes various plastic items such as water containers, watering cans, and other essentials for an active lifestyle. Plastex’s products are very safe to use, as they comply with all safety requirements and standards. They undergo certification and testing, guaranteeing their safety in all conditions.

Plastex’s skilled staff are always ready to assist customers with their needs, ensuring satisfaction. As a reliable partner, Plastex offers high-quality and durable plastic products. If you’re looking for a responsible and safe choice, Plastex is the ideal company. Their commitment to sustainable development, top-notch products, and quality customer service makes them one of the best companies to consider.

Plastex is currently seeking a distributor from Europe! For more information, you can reach out to Arto Antwuorinen at